What’s Holding You Back?


This is an interactive sprint, dealing with getting to the core of your stress, not merely managing it.

We’ll dive in deep to uncover what’s going on in your unconscious mind that is holding you back from the life you wish to live. In doing so you will:

1. Deepen your level of Emotional Intelligence and

2. Experience the Grace Method, getting in touch with your emotions at an energetic level and rewiring the neural pathways, so changing your beliefs.

*This module is a 1-week group coaching sprint of five 60-minute live calls with 4-7 people and includes ongoing access to a private Facebook community. Upon purchase, you will receive the Facebook group link, where you will find next steps for selecting a sprint week from the available options below. You may also connect with your coach, Jodi Law, directly through that group.

Available Sprint Group Options:

September 16-20, 7-8pm GMT+1

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