The Melody Within


In The Melody Within, you will learn about your unique, personal energy system that is natural to the human essence. You have 7 energy centers and each of these energy centers have tones. Your energy system is literally your own personal musical instrument. You create music everyday!

When our energy centers are in tune and our tones whole, the music we create is pure and melodious. However, when we are out of tune our song feels off, lacking harmony and out of sync. In the module you will learn about your individual energy centers, the tones they create and what they are responsible for in your body. You will develop the tools necessary to keep your music in tune, vibrant and how to maintain them so that the melody you share with others creates wonderful harmony.

*This module is a 5-day online coaching sprint of five 90-minute live calls with 4-7 people and includes ongoing access to a private Facebook community. Upon purchase, you will receive the Facebook group link, where you will find next steps for selecting a sprint week from the available options below. You may also connect with your coach, Louis M. Collins, directly through that group.

Available Sprint Group Options:

September 16-20, 1-2:30pm CDT

September 23-27, 7:30-9pm CDT

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About Louis M. Collins
Artistpreneur, Louis M. Collins, is a Sound Healer from Cedar Rapids, IA. He also has businesses in life coaching, photography, and has been a piano teacher for the past 22 years. His greatest passion is helping others discover the unique God-given melody within their heart and how to live a vibrant life by keeping their personal tones in tune. His wife, Melissa, is also an artist, and together they enjoy a lifestyle of creativity along with their dog, Sadie.

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