Spark Your Courage

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Spark Your Courage means getting in touch with your heart’s longing and taking courageous action. Our goal is to build your courage muscle by doing the scary thing anyway—whether big or small—with the support of a small group of courageous sprinters!

Together, we’ll explore what courage looks like in your life (Spoiler Alert: You’re already courageous!), how you can befriend fear, and champion each other’s acts of courage.

By sparking your courage, you can learn to make brave, aligned choices in your life more of the time, no matter how subtle or impactful they are. When you make aligned choices, your life is more fulfilling and you feel more like, well, YOU! The real you!

*This module is a 1-week group coaching sprint of five 60-minute live calls with 4-7 people and includes ongoing access to a private Facebook community. Upon purchase, you will receive the Facebook group link, where you will find next steps for selecting a sprint from the available options below. You may also connect with your coach, Jilly Hyndman, directly through that group.

Available Sprint Group Options:

April 8-12, 10:30-11:30am PDT

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    Jilly is an amazing coach! Amazingly intuitive at receiving the sense out of my fumbling words, appreciative of everyone’s level of commitment, and a comforting, present listener. Who also knows how to make hard emotional work FUN. Her Coffee and Courage videos are my new jam.

    I love offering this safe space for sprinters to give themselves permission to feel the fear and do the hard thing anyway! It has been such an honour to witness the deep personal commitment and momentum sprinters have made to and for themselves. From changing a mindset to taking concrete action toward a goal, you can do it when you Spark Your Courage!

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