Mortal Motivation


We will all die. We often don’t think about death, let alone talk about it, and especially not openly in a social setting. Death and dying often stay hidden, silent and mysterious. By creating safe space to name our fears, ask our questions and share our varied experiences around death, we can begin to use our own deaths as a motivator to live our lives in more meaningful ways.

In this safe and vulnerability-welcoming space, Jilly will help you explore:

  • Your impressions, ideas and fears about death in general
  • Your own mortality, how you feel about it and make sense of it
  • How your mortality can be a powerful motivator for living fully: purposefully, joyfully and authentically now

*This module is a 1-week group coaching sprint of five 60-minute live calls with 4-7 people and includes ongoing access to a private Facebook community. Upon purchase, you will receive the Facebook group link, where you will find next steps for selecting a sprint week from the available options below. You may also connect with your coach, Jilly Hyndman, directly through that group.

Available Sprint Group Options: 

September 23-27, 6-7pm PDT

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Jilly Hyndman CPCC ACC | the heartrageous coach helps people be real about the things that matter most: who they are and want to be, what they are here to do, and the fact that our time to do what we want and be who are (in physical form) is limited by our physical bodies. Jilly strives to open and expand the conversation about death to increase awareness, knowledge and understanding through shared experiences, stories and ideas, with lightness and laughs along the way.

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