Creating Your Sabbatical Lifestyle


Living the life of passion and purpose we were created for requires time, space and energy that can only be found in what I like to call a Sabbatical Lifestyle. In this 5-day program, we will discuss the values and priorities that make your heart sing, create boundaries that open doors to new opportunities, and use a scheduling technique to implement and put these principles to work for you right away. This is not about trying to find balance and squeeze in time for the things and people you love, but rather learning how to be more productive in the time you have, owning your responsibilities and priorities, and allocating resources that line up with your values.

*This module is a 5-day online coaching sprint of five 60-minute live calls with 4-7 people and includes ongoing access to a private Facebook community. Upon purchase, you will receive the Facebook group link, where you will find next steps for selecting a sprint week from the available options below. You may also connect with your coach, Dr. Lisa Van Allen, directly through that group.

Available Sprint Group Options:

September 23-27, 2-3pm CDT

October 14-18, 2-3pm CDT

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About Dr. Lisa Van Allen
At the intersection of psychology and spirituality and business strategy, you will find the thought leadership of Dr. Lisa Van Allen. Lisa’s ideal clients are mission-driven leaders who see their work as a vehicle to make a difference while making money. Lisa is the author of several books, including the award-winning Amazon best seller, Your Belief Quotient.
Since being diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) four and a half years ago, pain has been a constant companion. Lisa uses meditation, prayer and Mindfulness to manage her pain and is now teaching these techniques and providing support and advocacy to individuals and groups around the world.
When not working, Lisa designs clothing, draws and paints, and enjoys as many rock concerts as possible with her husband Duke.

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